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Hen Houses &
Animal Shelters
Hen Houses & Animal Shelters
Hen Houses
Large #1 & #2 hen houses $899

Great hen house for up to 20 hens. Can add more perches to accommodate additional hens but depends on your grazing space.

7mm H3 treated plywood
H3 treated framing
2.4m long
1.2m wide
1.8m high
2 perches
6 external nesting boxes.
Zincalume roof

All our henhouses have guttering with nylex fitting so you can connect hose to collect rain water. It's amazing how much water you can collect!
Large #1 hen house
Large #2 hen house
Large Hen House With Divider $1149

This hen house has a divider in the middle with a human entry door on either side. Great if you are needing to separate breeding stock or introduce new stock.
Small hen house. $645

Great for up to 8 hens

*1214mm x 1214mm x 1800mm high not incl external nesting boxes which are an extra 300mm

*zincalume corrugated iron roof

*12mm treated plywood floor to keep them dry and easier to clean

*3 external access nesting boxes.
*front ledge to stop nesting material falling out.
Small henhouse with run attached $ 849

This is great where space is limited.
Suitable for up to 4 hens.
Wheels & handle can be fitted for $80 extra
The difference between a #1 and #2 is, #1 has the nesting boxes at the back and the #2 has nesting boxes at the front